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ARC is an organisation working from its venue to enhance the wellbeing of the whole community of Stockton and the Tees Valley, through arts-based education and entertainment, through creating opportunities to experience and participate in the arts, and through partnership with other organisations.


To make an important contribution to the social and economic regeneration of Stockton and the Tees Valley in raising aspirations and achievements

To present a multi-artform programme of activity that is contemporary and relevant for our audience
To support and improve the amount and quality of artistic work being made in the North East region
To encourage the local community to invest in ARC through using its facilities and benefiting from its engagement with arts and culture
To realise the creative potential of the local community
To act as a catalyst for partnership and collaboration between public, private and voluntary sector organisations
To encourage the wider community to recognise the contribution arts and culture can make to civic society
To increase our financial resilience and ability to adapt to economic change