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Arctic Piranha Social Group Meetings

Arctic Piranha is a club night for learning disabled people designed by learning disabled people at our social group meetings.

Think you can make Arctic Piranha even better? Join our social group! We meet regularly to plan club nights. We test cocktails, talk music and sing karaoke. The meetings are free to attend and will run from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on the following dates:

Tues 21 Aug
Tues 11 Sep
Tues 25 Sep
Tues 9 Oct
Tues 23 Oct
Tues 13 Nov
Tues 27 Nov
Tues 11 Dec

Contact Grace for more information or to express interest in joining the group: 01642 525 186 /


Artwork by Richard Henshaw, Vice-Chair, OVOE.