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Club Adelphi
Crime Scene Lab: Puppetry and object Theatre workshop
Thu 11 Jun 2013

Inspired by classic crime dramas suech as Poirot and Quincy as well as Silent Witness, Waking The Dead and CSI, Club Adelphi created a darkly comic and immersive performance, Under The Microscope. Using puppetry and total theatre techniques, this production will invite the audience into the world of forensic science, but not as we know it.

The workshop introduced participants to the world of puppetry and object theatre, whilst exploring the relationship between puppet and puppeteer in the context of a murder investigation. They examined the fine line between life and death and the possibility that puppetry gives us to cross that line and come back again.

Disrupting Narrative - Residency with Kirsty Housley
Thu 18 Apr 2013

In April 2013 ARC was very excited to welcome writer, director and theatre maker Kirsty Housley with her new show Bandages. Kirsty was here for a week working with local theatre makers, performers, writers and directors to create a short piece of work which was shown before the performance of Bandages.

ARC gave 10 North East based artists the chance to work alongside Kirsty and participate in the week-long residency. This opportunity benefited each artist’s practice by offering the chance to work with a highly experienced theatre maker to examine different ways of using and presenting narrative, and then put into practice what was discovered during the week and present a piece of work to a public audience at ARC. This was a fantastic opportunity for artists to expand on their professional development by working collaboratively with Kirsty and other artists to investigate this area of practice.

Pause: A Workshop with Massive Owl
Tue 26 Mar

Massive Owl invited participants into their devising process exploring their approaches to making material for their performance: We Used To Wait. The performance explored ideas of how online communication and technological advances have affected our experiences of and relationship to time.

The company explored how recorded and digital media can be re-presented through live performance using techniques such as physical and gestural storytelling and performative contradictions. Massive Owl’s workshop reflects the diversity of the company’s creative interests and skills, making for an exciting and thought provoking insight into devising theatre.

Theatre Auracaria’s THEATRE MONKEY!
Sat 9 Mar 2013

Theatre Monkey invited theatre practitioners, facilitators and students to meet, share skills, play and monkey around together. Artistic Director of Theatre Auracaria, Amy Golding will introduce a 2 hour practical workshop in which each participant will be invited to share a game, skill or idea. The workshop is followed by the Theatre Monkey tea party; an informal, fun networking opportunity involving lashings of various teas and plenty of cake!

Theatre Monkey was about sharing the tricks of our trade, enjoying and feeling linked up with other freelance theatre makers and remembering what it feels like to be a participant. During the post workshop tea party, participants were encouraged to meet new people, get engrossed in creative banter and potentially create new relationships/collaborations/work opportunities.

Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe
Ways to place your audience and poetry in performance
Mon 25 Feb 2013

Hannah and Chris encouraged participants to think about different ways to place an audience, and about how a show can be a conversation with them. We will be using our experience of making our show The Oh Fuck Moment, and our ongoing process for our new piece I Wish I Was Lonely, as well as looking at the use of poetry in performance.

So & So Circus Theatre Residency
Thu 7 Feb 2013

In February 2013, So & So Circus Theatre brought their new show, Backgammon for Beginners to ARC and offered a fantastic opportunity for artists to spend two days with them creating a piece of new material to be performed at ARC before the show.

6 professional artists and performance students worked with So & So’s company members, acrobalance performers and theatre makers Kaveh Rahnama and Lauren Hendry to create a short piece of work, and offered the chance to practice acrobalance and learn more about the creative process in making circus-theatre. Participants then performed their piece at ARC before Backgammon for Beginners.

Hannah Nicklin
The Personal as Political
Wed 6 Feb 2013

A short 2 hour workshop with time for discussion afterwards. Looking at autobiographical performance as a manner of addressing the wider political questions of contemporary life; from personal relationships, everyday encounters, to conflict and large-scale historical events from the point of view of the individual. Beginning with ideas of the 'political' and the 'personal' in and of themselves, participants will undertake writing and performance exercises that will explore the political in our everyday lives, examples of other performances and techniques (verbatim, Forum theatre, solo storytelling shows) will stand as case studies, and writer/performers will be encouraged to look towards expanding their experiences theatrically in an evocative, approachable and powerfully political manner.

Upswing Aerial Dance Workshop
Tue 15 Jan 2013

Led by Upswing’s Artistic Director, Vicki Amedume, the workshop utilised a variety of pieces of equipment including aerial hoop, strops and silks; mixing techniques from trapeze, acrobatics and dance.  The dynamic and energetic session used flight, momentum and lift to create exciting solo and duet routines.

Tangled Feet

Tangled Feet are an award winning theatre company who create original, physical and surprising work. The company are an ensemble theatre company and work with a range of performers over a long period of time - they believe in a shared rehearsal and performance history. The workshop will be a practical introduction to making theatre, both in public spaces and inside theatres. Why do we make the theatre we make? How do we animate public space? What keeps people watching? Working alongside Tangled Feet's two directors and three of their core company the workshop will be fun, playful and exploratory.

Professional Development Workshop
Sat 15 Dec

Contemporary performance offers us a limitless range of forms.  If you’re making a piece of theatre, you can do pretty much anything you like, as long as you take your audience with you.  Everything is possible.

Faced with this kind of choice, how do you decide which direction to take?  How do you find the structure that suits your ideas?  And how do you develop it once you’ve found it? Switchback invited attendees to explore these questions in an opportunity to look in the same direction for a little while, and to share what we see.

Third Angel
Games for Devising
Tues 27 Nov

Co-Artistic Director of Third Angel Alexander Kelly will run a workshop utilising some of the games that Third Angel have used as part of the process of making recent shows, and explore ways of developing ideas from devising games into performance material. Third Angel makes work that spans the territory between theatre and live art; the shows are created through a rigorous devising process that includes improvisation, play, writing and task based performance.

Inua Ellams
Writing for Performance Workshop - Building a Character
Thur 18 Oct 2012

Inua Ellams merges theatre, poetry and visual art, telling stories with iconic imagery, humour and beauty. He writes about his upbringing, the experience of immigration, and of living in the UK today, bringing words to life with pace, rhythm, cadence and intonation. Join Inua for this professional development workshop before his show Black T-Shirt Collection which has just been performed at the National Theatre, a fantastic opportunity to work with a nationally acclaimed, fringe first award winning spoken word and theatre artist looking at the skills and techniques used in his writing process particularly how to create a three dimensional character within a short space of time.

Stumble danceCircus
Using Circus in Performance Workshop
Wed 3 Oct 2012

Professional development workshop with Mish Weaver to explore the potential of circus disciplines and training in making new work. A discursive and practical approach to working with circus disciplines and movement in the making of performance - looking at process and integration of skills with content.  Through a series of games and improvisation, we will explore circus as a story telling and entertainment genre. Director of Box of Frogs, Mish Weaver, has been teaching, performing, choreographing and directing in circus and dance performance for over twenty years and still loves it.

Aerial Dance
Mon 9 Jan 2012

Led by Upswing’s Artistic Director, Vicki Amedume, the workshop utilised a variety of pieces of equipment including aerial hoop, strops and silks. Mixing techniques from trapeze, acrobatics and dance.  It is a dynamic and energetic session through which you can use flight, momentum and lift to create exciting solo and duet routines.

Third Angel
Rule Based Devising Workshop
Wed 1 Feb 2012

Drawing on Third Angel’s own methods of creating theatre and installation, this workshop is designed to explore a number of different avenues initiating the making of new work, focusing on rule-based systems of devising, which restrict the performer’s options but consequently encourage creative results. Led by Third Angel’s Artistic Director, Alexander Kelly.

Cinema Meets Theatre: Slow Mo’, Bullet time and The World Upside Down
Tues 24 Apr 2012

This workshop explored the creation of live filmic effects on stage.

Ellie Harrison
Pleasure, Play and Patience: Strategies for Devising Contemporary Performance
Thur 3 Nov 2011

This workshop equiped participants with the tools to devise new work both individually and collaboratively. Using Live Art and contemporary performance strategies, students generated material which explored the personal, political and popular in our everyday lives.

RedCape Theatre
Physical Theatre Workshop
Tues 11 Oct 2011

During a two-hour physical theatre workshop a member of RedCape Theatre explored themes from their show 1 Beach Road and shared some of their devising techniques with participants.
Students experienced a physical and vocal warm up, explore the letters using physicality and voice to create space, discover how to communicate when you don’t have a shared language, and will finish the session by creating a devised short performance for the group.