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Meet the Programmers

Are you an artist or company trying to get your work booked? Do you have an idea or project that needs support? Here is your opportunity to meet the programmers!

Enchanted Parks 2014: Artist Brief

Artists could take their lead from astronomy and the scientific study of the wonders and mysteries of the universe or could explore ancient explanations for the celestial bodies.


Join the cast of The Roof...

This is a one-off opportunity for people to join the cast of The Roof commissioned by LIFT and presented in association with the National Theatre.

Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme

The Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme is the UK's longest running training scheme for young theatre directors.

Great North Run Million Opening Ceremony Volunteers

Through writing, mass choreography, live music, a giant floating sculpture, video mapping, pyrotechnics and more, the Great North Run Million Opening Ceremony will tell the incredible story of the North East.

ARC's Fun Palace

ARC is part of Fun Palaces 2014 - what will you do?

North East Artist Development: Residency Programme

The residencies are designed to support artists at the earliest stages, providing an opportunity to work up an idea, with the support of a venue, to the point where is it ‘commission ready’.

North East Artist Development: Reviewer Scheme

The Network’s review scheme is intended to provide an alternative, to offer artists and companies the opportunity to be reviewed by someone passionate about new work.

Staying Out: Freelance Creative Practitioner required to work with older people

Staying Out aims to support some of the most isolated older people in Stockton to live healthy and fulfilling lives, and ultimately avoid readmission to hospital.

Cultural Volunteer Recruitment

We are looking for Cultural Companions interested in supporting older people to access and sustain their involvement in activities and events at ARC.

ARC Beds

Do you have a spare bedroom? Would you like to house ARC’s visiting artists during their stay in the region? And even make a little money out of it too?!