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Routes North

An initiative to help make theatre happen in the North of England. All partner venues are committed to artist development, and to offer a package of support to help enable one artist/company to make and tour a piece of work.

Commission Opportunity

This commission will support companies to create a new piece of work for 3-7 year olds to be presented at Barnsley Civic and ARC in spring half term 2016.

North East Artist Development Review Scheme

Calling all North East based artists and companies presenting work in the region who would like their work reviewed by one of the Network’s reviewers.

Cultural Volunteer Recruitment

We are looking for Cultural Companions interested in supporting older people to access and sustain their involvement in activities and events at ARC.

ARC Beds

Do you have a spare bedroom? Would you like to house ARC’s visiting artists during their stay in the region? And even make a little money out of it too?!