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Each year ARC supports a number of development residencies for artists and companies we are excited about – we might feel they have a particular talent, or need more support to develop their work. We will invest in their development by providing a week-long package of support, which can include free rehearsal space, funding for basic costs, an artistic mentor or associate or any other support required.

Sometimes these residency weeks are spent simply developing ideas, for others they might involve intensive rehearsals on a specific piece of work, or even a production week leading to the opening of a show. We use these residencies to strengthen our relationship with selected artists and companies with whom we want to develop a longer term relationship, using them as an opportunity for more intense dialogue about future collaborations.


Upcoming residencies

C-12 Dance Theatre (Mar & Sept 2013)
Development, production and presentation of their new show Shhh!

Encounter Productions (July & Sept 2013)
Research and development for their new show On Knowledge.

Third Angel (Sept 2013)

RedCape Theatre (Oct 2013)
Research and development of new work

OddManOut (Oct 2013)
Rehearsals for Weather to Fly

Selina Thompson (Nov 2013)
Development and wraparound activity for Chewing the Fat


Previous residencies

Kieran Hurley and Alex Swift (June 2013)
Development, rehearsal and sharing of Violence (a PLACE seed commission as part of Festival of the North East)

Tom Walton (Spring/Summer 2013)
Development, rehearsal and preview of When We Embraced

Club Adelphi (Apr/May 2013)
Development, rehearsal and preview of Under the Microscope.

Alison Carr  (Apr 2013)
Development, rehearsal and preview of The Soaking of Vera Shrimp.

Upswing (Jan & Mar 2013)
Rehearsals and production week for What Happens in the Winter?

Hannah Nicklin (Feb 2013)
Development week

Chris Thorpe and Hannah Jane Walker (Feb/Mar 2013)
Development for I Wish I Was Lonely

Jenny Duffy and Massive Owl (Mar 2013) 
Development work and rehearsals for The MOBB Project

Kirsty Housley (April 2013)
Creative practice residency for ARCADE members

Hannah Nicklin (Feb 2013)
Development week

Tangled Feet (Jan 2013)
Development week

Third Angel (Nov 2012)
Development week for Cape Wrath
Tangled Feet (Jan 2013)
Development week

Gillie Kleiman (Oct 2012)
Rehearsals for Double Act

OddManOut (Oct 2012)
Rehearsals for The Guest

Club Adelphi (Jul 2012)
Development week with a writer

Unfolding Theatre (Apr 2012)
Rehearsals for Best in the World

Shams Theatre (Apr 2012)
Rehearsals for Thin Ice

GIFT / Bruno Humberto  (Apr 2012)
Devising week for LAND, an outdoor site-specific show commissioned for GIFT

Anthony Lo-Giudice (Mar 2012)
Rehearsals for ROMA

Upswing (Jan 2012)
Research and development for What Happens in the Winter?

Elizabeth Connor (Sept 2011)
Development and presentation of dance installation HOUSE

Switchback  (Aug 2011)
Development week for Lucy and the Hawk

Melanie Wilson (Aug 2011)
Rehearsals for Autobiographer

Rascally Scoundrels feat. Alison Carr, Degna Stone, Roz Wyllie (Aug 2011)
Development week for new writing

OddManOut (Jul 2011)
Development week for The Guest

Monkfish Word Tank Collective with Inua Ellams (Jun 2011)
A creative practice week around spoken word

Unlimited Theatre (May 2011)
Development of ideas for future shows

Tangled Feet (Mar 2011)
Development week for large-scale outdoor show All that is Solid Melts into Air