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Each year ARC supports a number of artists and companies we are excited about to spend time at ARC – we might feel they have a particular talent, need more support to develop their work, or have a longer term relationship with us that we want to continue.

We invest in their development by providing a package of support, which as well as free space at ARC can also include funding for basic costs, artistic, technical or marketing advice, an artistic mentor or associate or any other support required.

We can also provide either free or subsidised accommodation at the ARC House in Stockton. The ARC House is a four bedroomed property shared by artists working or performing at ARC, which is rented and maintained by ARC.

Sometimes time at ARC is used to simply develop ideas, but it is also used for intensive rehearsals on a specific piece of work, or even a production week leading to the opening of a show.

In particular, we work with artists to connect to potential audiences during their time at ARC, to support our audience development work. As well as having the opportunity to talk to ARC staff about their work, artists can also share work in progress with invited or public audiences, to meet individuals or groups representative of their target audiences, to invite potential audiences to participate in development activity, to lead workshops around their practice or content of the show, to carry out local research, to promote pop-up activity in appropriate locations, to connect with other local professional artists through our ARCADE network, to meet audiences attending other shows at ARC, to meet local ‘experts’ in their field of research and to develop visual material to support the marketing of their show locally.

All activity is supported and facilitated by ARC staff, to enable artists to make real local connections and to develop their understanding of potential audiences.