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No 60 events

At No 60, we host themed food events throughout the year. Join us for some great food and entertainment.

Jazz and Tapas at No 60

Thu 9 Feb, Thu 2 Mar, Thu 13 Apr, Thu 18 May & Thu 1 Jun


Join No 60 for an evening of Jazz and Tapas. After a string of extremely popular sold-out food events, No 60 will be holding an informal jazz and tapas evening filled with delicious authentic tapas dishes and relaxing live music.

The evening will be kept informal, so there’s no need to dress to impress -  if you have an appreciation for good food, music and wine, then this is the event for you.


Soirée Française à No 60

Fri 21 Apr 6.30pm

Soiree Francais a No 60 main.jpg

Join us for a celebration of French cuisine. You will be treated to a trio of some of the nation’s most-loved, traditional dishes, as your taste buds take a flavour-filled tour around the French regions. Each of the dishes originates in a different region of France, meaning you will be able to experience the full breadth of flavours and textures that the county’s best dishes have to offer. All dishes will be freshly prepared by the talented team at No 60, who will be staying true to traditional French methods.