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Meet the Programmers

Meet the Programmers events have been running since April 2012, and are organised twice a year (January and September) by ARC on behalf of the North East Artist Development Network.

The purpose of the Meet the Programmers events is:

  • To raise awareness and build understanding of the artistic policies of North East venues and festivals, helping artists understand what kind of work programmers are looking for and how best to contact them and build relationships
  • To highlight, through pitches to the audience, the new and emerging work of individual artists and companies, the opportunities to work with/support them and programme their work
  • To facilitate one to one conversations between artists and programmers who may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet face to face
  • To be the catalyst for a new series of conversations and relationships
  • To distribute the e-brochure Passionate about artists, highlighting talent development opportunities across the region, which is updated prior to each event

The events are based around three minute pitches. The first half involves each of the artistic programmers present using their three minutes to introduce themselves and provide a summary of their artistic policies. Usually at least 12 programmers from North East venues and festivals attend. The second half offers each artist and company present the opportunity to pitch their work, as whatever stage, to the programmers present. In the middle, there is a break during which one to one introductions between artists and programmers take place – artists sign up for these on the day.

The events are hosted by ARC’s Chief Executive, Annabel Turpin and usually last for 3-4 hours. Generally, they are held in Newcastle/Gateshead to enable artists from across the region to attend.

Pitch slots are an ideal opportunity for artists and companies introduce themselves and their work – whether it’s an early stage idea, a show in development or a tour-ready show.

There are no AV facilities, and the events are run as paperless ‘green’ events, with attendees asked not to bring hard copies of information. Everyone attending is given a contact sheet to enable them to send out links/information electronically after the event.

Natalie Querol at The Empty Space is available to provide support for artists in preparing pitches.

Details of how to apply for a pitch slot will be displayed here when active.

A Guide to Venues and Festivals in North East England

A Guide to Venues and Festivals in North East England is an edocument designed to provide information about artistic policies and artist development opportunities offered by venues and festivals across the North East. It is updated twice a year prior to each Meet the Programmers event and sent out in advance to everyone attending.

The latest version can be downloaded here.