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  • There but for the grace of God (go I)

    Thu 18 Jan

    In 1983, a child went missing from a Hollywood shopping mall. Adam Walsh became the most famous missing child in American history. In 2017, a man called Adam Welsh Googled himself and found Adam Walsh… And then he wrote this show.

  • The Absolute Truth About Absolutely Everything

    Wed 7 Feb

    A black comedy. Performed by the male writer and a completely unprepared female performer. Patriarchy, capitalism, fiction and reality blur in this genre bending performance that is humorous, unsettling, and on the cusp of anarchy.

  • Luca Rutherford's Political Party (Preview)

    Tue 20 Feb

    Are you confused, overwhelmed or feel stupid about politics? Luca is, so she’s throwing a party. There will be music, dancing and eggs! No suits. No know-it-alls. No big words. Join Luca in her attempt to get playful with the seriousness of figuring out what’s going on.

  • The Audit (or Iceland, a modern myth)

    Thu 1 Mar

    The global economy is a mess. The crash has landed, the tide’s swept out, and it’s taken our hope with it.  tells the story of how a nation raised their voices in protest, and how collective power can move a mountain – even if only a little.

  • Mother's Ruin

    Fri 9 Mar

    Trailblazing alternative cabaret platform Mother's Ruin returns to ARC for another night of hilarious variety. Expect radical, brave and beautiful performance with a sprinkling of song, silliness and sass.