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Luca's summer at ARC

luca2.jpgThis August, our Associate Artist Luca Rutherford had lots of fun spreading some happiness in our building. She gathered together some cushions and mats and held Storytime with Luca as well as Draw, Play and Say, and held a creative writing sesson for everyone to join in with. In this post she tells us all about the fun she had. 


Control_listing_PWYDNew.jpgControl is our latest piece, a response to the world we currently live in and an attempt to explore ideas of positive change. It’s a desire to see how we might better feel like we have some control over our relationship to the world around us, big and small, local and global, now and then.

Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go?

AllTheDeadPigeons_listing.jpgScott Turnbull is a Stockton-born theatre maker, actor and writer. His new show, Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go? premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this month and gained some brilliant reviews. Before he performs the show here, Scott has recorded a very special vlog for us.

Try it at ARC

NeedleFeltFarm_listing.jpgWe wanted to increase the breadth and scope of creative activity accessible to all adults within Stockton and the surrounding areas, and came up with the idea of running a series of one-off workshops aimed at people who wanted to try something new.


UnderTheBed_listing_PWYD.jpgUnder the Bed comes to ARC on Thursday 29 September, and is presented by 154 Collective. We asked musician and composer Nick Lewis what it was like to make a show involving seven artists who weren’t all in the same room.