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A Theatre Trip for Every Child - Individual Giving


Make your visit to ARC the chance of lifetime for children in Stockton!

Would you like to be part of ARC’s new charitable giving scheme? A Theatre Trip for Every Child gives everyone the opportunity to give every five year old child in Stockton the chance of a free trip to the theatre. For many children it will be their very first experience of theatre and you can make it happen.

By donating just £10 (or multiples of £10 if you want to donate more than one ticket) you will be introducing very young children to the fascinating world of live theatre. Your donation will help make a trip to the theatre one of a child’s earliest memories and perhaps even one of the most influential experiences of their young lives. 

A Theatre Trip for Every Child is a two year pilot scheme running until March 2019 and it is being trialled by ARC in Stockton and by The Albany in London. With your help, we can make the idea of giving every child a free trip to the theatre really successful in Stockton first so it can become a national project, benefitting children throughout the UK.



Please take this opportunity to give children their first experience of theatre:

• Via online ticketing –when buying tickets you can donate £10 towards ‘Every Child’
• At the Box Office – you can make a donation to ‘Every Child’ in person at the Box Office or by calling the Box Office on 01642 525199