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Two Destination Language

Award-winning theatre company Two Destination Language is led by artists Alister Lownie and Katherina Radeva.

Visually stunning, their work deals with identity, cultural boundaries and belonging. Alister’s Scottish heritage and Katherina’s Bulgarian background led to this interest in how cultures interact, develop and are defined.

Often working from biographical starting points, they create emotionally and intellectually stimulating experiences relevant to contemporary society.

They are strong believers that theatre changes people, and makes us think, talk, reconsider. The company’s work has liveness at its core, and includes installations, one on ones and community engagement as well as staged theatre.

Two Destination Language most recently appeared at ARC with their newest show Declining Solo in June 2017, and bring their production Manpower here on Thursday 12 October 2017.

They are beginning to explore ideas for a new piece, too, about difference: visible and invisible difference. They will be working with ARC, Lancaster Arts and the Live Art Development Agency in the first stages of their exploration as they learn more about what the piece will be.

On becoming an Associate Company at ARC, Alister and Katherina said: "Both we and ARC have a passion for introducing exciting new work to audiences who haven’t always had the chance to experience anything like it before. We’re hoping to discover together new ways of speaking to new audiences: exciting them about contemporary live performance and making sure that the theatre we make speaks to their lives."

"We’re delighted to have the support of the great team of people who work at ARC to make that happen."

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