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Vici Wreford-Sinnott

Vici Wreford-Sinnott is a theatre maker who believes in a cultural landscape without limitation. She strives to make dynamic contemporary theatre which is colourful, energetic, physical and challenges widely held perceptions to make change happen. Vici is interested in the aesthetics of difference and the power of culture to bring about change, and the assessment and development of cultural equality in action. Vici champions the equality of disabled people in the cultural landscape. She has worked in theatre, mental health and disability arts for 24 years.

Vici is former artistic director of Sycorax Theatre Company which was based in Co Durham, North East England, and produced a body of successful work which toured and was featured at the Edinburgh Fringe, including Lear’s Daughters by the Women’s Theatre Group and Ironmistress by April de Angelis, Moll Cutpurse – A Comedy for the 21st Century and Deadly Devotchka, both written and directed by Vici.

Vici became CEO of Arts and Disability Ireland based in Dublin, where she produced a series of highly successful Disability Cabarets, and directed two of the first pieces of Disability Theatre in the Republic, The Baby Doll Project by Rosaleen McDonagh and Broadcast co-devised with Donal Toolan.

Vici was CEO of Arcadea in Newcastle for six years developing a number of projects and was Artistic Director of the region-wide Mimosa Festival celebrating professional disability art from around the country. In 2011, Vici founded Little Cog, a Disability Arts organisation in the Tees Valley and began her relationship with ARC.

Vici has just premiered her new production, Butterfly, at ARC. The piece has been described as a clever, funny and dark one woman drama, which questions how we treat human beings in the 21st Century. Beatrice, the central character, and sits in isolation waiting for the results of her compulsory mental health assessment. She is joined by Boudica and Butterfly who both help her to travel in time to revisit important historic developments in the stigma of mental health past, and also to revisit sites in her own past, reminding her of who she is. It is an example of contemporary political theatre, reflecting our own age, and asking big questions about the society we are becoming.

Vici is also Disability Agent of Change at ARC, and is the Creative Lead on a three year programme of activity called Cultural Shift, which aims to challenge commonly held perceptions about disability and disabled people, and to involve more disabled people in the arts at every level. She delivers much of the creative content and both directs new pieces of work including Los Muertos with Full Circle Company of learning disabled actors, and Surprise Stockton, a flash mob with members of the 45 Days to Find My Way project. You can find out more about it here.