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  • ARCADE Scratch Night

    Wed 2 Sep

    ARCADE is our professional artist network and our regular Scratch Nights provide an opportunity for members to test new work and ideas in front of a supportive audience.  

  • ARCADE Workshop: Participation

    Sat 5 Sep

    As participation has become a key part of G4A/ACE apps, the risk is that artists 'bolt on' participation to their projects. This workshop explores how to develop participation strands that explore your artistic concerns rather than just ticking boxes. 

  • The Value of Creative Practice

    Sat 5 Sep

    In this playful workshop, you will be invited to consider different ways to articulate the value of your creative practice, and get a unique insight into the artists’ creative process, you will be actively encouraged to beg, borrow and steal.

  • ARCADE Workshop: The In-Ear Feed: Liveness, Structure and Spontaneous Creation

    Sat 5 Sep

    The Wooster Group pioneered the use of the in-ear audio feed and its live channelling by performers as a method of creating presence and allowing chance procedures to shape a piece.

  • ARCADE Workshop: Removing Artistic Barriers

    Sat 12 Sep

    Vici Wreford Sinnott, ARCs Agent of Change and Peader Kirk will lead a workshop aimed at all artists, which will explore the removal of artistic barriers in everyone's practice, and a creative space where it's okay to ask questions about disability in the arts!