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  • Too Much, Too Young

    Fri 9 Jan

    Jack Bennett wrestles with two identities, long lost extra-curricular activities and endless life paths as he seeks to explore the flaws in our education system. 

    An ARC Production

  • The Bistro

    Sat 17 Jan

    A pop-up restaurant where the menu needs you! Share a taste of home, or discuss your latest culinary experiment at this unusual establishment.

    Presented by Leo Burtin In association with ARC

  • My Brother's Country

    Tue 24 & Wed 25 Feb

    The Middle East is in turmoil; civil war and revolution spills out onto the streets. A radical and visionary form of Islam makes its entrance onto the world's stage.

    Presented by Soroush and Routes North


    Thu 5 Mar

    Delve into the Kafka-like world of STRIKE! where man breaks free from bureaucracy and the constraints of work, told through physicality and humour. 

    Presented by Keziah Serreau and Turtle Key Arts 

  • Jumping Puddles

    Thu 12 Mar

    Two sisters at war find their world turned upside down. As the autumn nights draw in and the rain falls, Grace and Anna find themselves trying to stay afloat as they jump from one puddle of emotion to another.

    Presented by Open Clasp Theatre Company in collaboration with Frantic Assembly