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  • Dance Class: A Performance

    Fri 27 Nov

    This dance class wants to be a show (it wants to shine, be in the limelight). This performance wants to be a class (it wants you to learn, wear comfy clothes).

    Presented by Gillie Kleiman

  • Going Viral

    Thu 3 Dec

    An aeroplane flies from India to England. Everyone on board is weeping. Everyone except you. On the ground, the weeping spreads. Is it a strange new disease? An outbreak of hysteria? Or has the world become genuinely sad?

    An ARC Production

  • (The Story is Not) Set in Stone

    Thu 28 Jan

    This is a show about stories. It begins with a chance encounter in a mythical library which the characters seem to remember differently every time. 

  • Into Thin Air

    Wed 10 Feb

    She was doing okay and being everything to everyone. Then last night she sipped a glass of water and it seeped out through her skin...

  • An Icy Man

    Wed 17 Feb

    A ghost story about the cold, told round a miniature model of a snowbound village.