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  • Getting Better Slowly

    Thu 3 Nov

    Adam Pownall woke up to find his body was slowly shutting down. Unable to walk, talk or blink and nobody knew why…

  • Parallel

    Wed 9 Nov

    There's always chance. There's always choice. You could be elsewhere. Anywhere but here. Anna is stranded. Beth came for a think. C just wants some kip. Three women meet by chance late at night. None of them really want to be there, yet none of them leave.

  • Fish Eye

    Tue 15 & Wed 16 Nov

    A dark comedy about nosiness gone wild... Pam’s already got a low opinion of her neighbours. So when someone pinches her Elizabethan sideboard, it’s all-out war: she becomes a one-woman MI6, ramping up her operation from curtain twitching to spy cameras hidden in hand-knitted novelties.

  • May Contain Food

    Thu 24 Nov

    Award-winning Protein presents its most playful show to date as four vocalists and four dancers all sing for their supper in a dining setting that may contain food... 

  • Space for Trees

    Sat 26 Nov

    Before Yuri Gagarin left Earth and became the first human being in space, he planted a tree at the site he would launch from. Since 1961 hundreds of astronauts from all over the world have followed this tradition and planted a tree in the same place.