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  • Recreation: Open Rehearsals Workshop

    Wed 11 Jan

    In making the new choreography Recreation, Gillie Kleiman realised that it's really nice to have other people in the room, taking part in the exercises and trying out material, so Gillie would love to invite you to join her in an open rehearsal / workshop on Wed 11 Jan.

  • Butterfly

    Thu 26 Jan

    Awaiting the outcome of a forced mental health assessment, Beatrice becomes the unlikely heroine in a story of not-so-everyday survival, tasked with setting the record straight. This piece about misunderstandings and misrepresentations allows us to assess how we treat human beings in the 21st century.

  • Putting The Band Back Together

    Wed 1 Feb

    Across the UK there are thousands of guitars propped up in bedrooms that haven’t been strummed in years. Voices only heard in the shower. Drum kits taking up too much space in garages. Well, it’s time to blow off the dust. We’re putting the band back together!

  • Two Man Show

    Wed 8 Feb

    Men have all the power. John and Dan keep hearing people say that men have all the power, but it doesn’t feel like that to them. Abbi and Helen are making a show about Man and men. Fringe First Winners 2010 & 2011 return with a playful new show about gender and language.


  • Partus

    Tue 28 Feb – Wed 1 Mar

    Birth. It’s a massive life or death thing that happens every minute of every day in every country of the world. Third Angel delves into the myths, the statistics and the politics of birth, engaging with real people and real stories.