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  • Lists for the End of the World

    Thu 12 May

    What would life look like if it were broken down into a series of lists? Bucket lists, to do lists, lists of lost loves and found friends, lists of things said and not said, of things inherited from parents and of things we’re still looking for…

  • Dust of the Street's Shining

    Wed 18 May

    Una is coping, but only just. On her way to Aunt Thelma’s she has a panic attack and gets off the crowded bus to calm down and collect her thoughts, but finds herself stranded in a place at once familiar and strange. 

  • Made Up

    Tues 24 & Wed 25 May

    Made Up is a heart-warming play about friendship and the faces we show the world.

  • Tribute Acts

    Wed 8 June

    Everyone wants their dad to be a hero. But what happens when your heroes let you down? 

  • HACT

    Mon 13 - Fri 24 Jun

    If you would describe yourself as a person with a curious mind, then it's your Time to Act.