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  • The Art Room: Bright Bold Birds

    Tue 31 May

    Prepare to get crafty celebrating spring, with newspaper, coloured wool and even a little origami - we've got plenty for you to flock to in our latest installment of The Art Room: Bright Bold Birds.

  • The Hogwallops

    Fri 3 & Sat 4 Jun

    The Hogwallops are a family of misfits. It is Grandpa’s birthday. He loves bananas and so after the housework is done, the family get together to make him a birthday cake.

    Presented  by Lost in Translation Circus & Jacksons Lane

    Age 3+

  • JoJo & Billie's Tour de France

    Sat 25 Jun

    What happens when Billie and JoJo's bicycles crash with a bang, and Billie can no longer explore France? Join them on an adventure as they meet Albert the crazy inventor, and his amazing magical workshop.

    Presented by Compagnie Animotion


  • Jack and The Beans Talk

    Thu 27 & Fri 28 Oct

    Jack and The Beans Talk is a fresh and and funny retelling of the traditional story from award winning theatre company Garlic Theatre.

    Presented by Garlic Theatre

    Age: 3-7yrs