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The Students of Stockton present

Grease (12A) Immersive Screening

Do you want to travel back to the 50s with Sandy, Danny, The Pink Ladies, and the T-Birds?

Grab your leather jackets and poodle skirts, and don't forget to gel your hair.

Dance along with all the famous numbers you know.

There's only one place to be this Friday Night.

Students from Stockton have joined us for a week of work experiencethey and have chosen the film and designed the event around it entirely one week (it’s like The Apprentice, but friendlier).

So if you’re up for something a bit different, and want to see what a group of local young people can pull together in a week, you know where to be on Fri 12 July at 7pm!

This event will be priced on a Pay What You Decide Basis, you can find out more about how Pay What You Decide works here.

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Fri 12 Jul


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