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  • The Curious Parcel The Curious Parcel is a new subscription box that brings a little bit of theatre magic to your living room. Each box contains a surprise, mini-DIY experience; created by one of the UK’s best contemporary theatre makers and designed to be enjoyed at home.
  • Deranged Poetesses: Performance Poetry Workshop with Keisha Thompson

    Sat 20 Jul

    Spoken word theatre-maker Keisha has been exploring how maths and poetry can merge in both page and performance poetry. Join her in a geeky afrofuturistic session where numbers, letters and the imagination take centre-stage.

  • Margaret Atwood: Live in Cinemas

    Tue 10 Sep

    On Tuesday, September 10, the wait is over… The Testaments, Margaret Atwood’s highly anticipated sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, is revealed. The momentous literary event will be celebrated with an exclusive live cinema broadcast.

  • Stockton-on-Cheese

    Sat 28 Sep

    Stockton-on-Cheese is a day-long celebration of all things cheese right in the heart of Stockton!

  • Arctic Piranha

    Sat 13 Jul, Sat 7 Sep, Sat 26 Oct, Sat 21 Dec

    Arctic Piranha is a club night for learning disabled people. Designed and led by our Arctic Piranha Social group, Arctic Piranha is back for 2019!