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Cafe Scientifique

Cafe Scientifique: A Nation That Rebuilds Its Soils Rebuilds Itself

A Nation That Rebuilds Its Soils Rebuilds Itself”

With Professor Karen Johnson
Environmental Engineer, Durham University

One third of greenhouse emissions come from depleting organic matter from the soil via wind and water erosion. Karen will look at ways we can rebuild our soils by using wastes as resources and the opportunities this might provide for community regeneration.
Prof. Karen Johnson is an environmental engineer with a passion for soil. Her work involves using sustainable soil improvement technologies to enhance soil functions like flood and drought resilience. She works with a range of global stakeholders and aspires to raise soil up the political agenda within Parliament and the UN. Her research includes understanding the role of mineral-organic interactions in maintaining and enhancing soil health. She champions interdisciplinary research and aims to explore more inclusive mechanisms to work towards sustainable development goals in the UK.

Tue 19 Feb


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