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Cafe Scientifique

Cafe Scientifique - Bioinspired Solutions in Nanotechnology

Dr Lidija Siller

Engineering Department -  Newcastle University

Lidija’s research group recognises that the time is short to reverse climate change and achieve the target of a global average temperature increase of less than 2°C.

Processes of Carbon capture to remove CO2 and super-insulation to increase thermal efficiency are on their agenda. They are looking for analogies at nano level in the natural world which can be scaled-up. These include studies of processes in sea urchins and the wings of dragonflies.                           

She will describe carbon capture in brines by inorganic catalysts, and the synthesis of aerogel, a material that has been known to human kind since 1931, but has not yet used widely due to large costs.

Dr Lidija Siller is Reader in Nanoscale Science and Head of the Advanced Materials Group in the School of Engineering, Newcastle University. She is a graduate of the Universities of Zagreb, Croatia and Cambridge, UK and has published her work widely in more than 80 papers. She has patented work on synthetic diamonds. Along with her then student Xiao Han, she received the Newcastle University Innovator of the Year 2015 Award for developing a new and economic ambient pressure drying (APD) aerogel synthesis, for which a patent was awarded

Tue 19 Jun


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