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Cafe Scientifique

Cafe Scientifique: Where have all the Diamonds Gone?

Where have all the Diamonds Gone? 
With Peter Woods; Geologist and Mining Engineer

Peter’s talk will include an introduction to the formation and distribution of diamonds, and on how one sets about searching for them. He will discuss his own adventures in diverse situations and climates, the successes and failures and crystal gaze into the future of the industry.

In recent times, Peter has acted as a consultant for Sirius Minerals in their development of the mining of Polyhalide deposits in the Whitby area; before that he helped to create Boulby mine. Earlier in his career, Peter, a Cambridge Natural Sciences (Geology) graduate, worked for De Beers in Tanzania, Botswana, and Nigeria, and then later in Canada, looking for diamonds.

Tue 18 Jun


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