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Cafe Scientifique: Is it possible to build a star on earth?

Dr Kate Lancaster
York Plasma Institute

Trying to recreate the energy source of the stars, nuclear fusion, on earth presents huge challenges in physics and engineering. The benefits of nuclear fusion if successful are an almost limitless, clean energy source. There are many challenges associated with keeping matter at 100 million degrees trapped inside a reactor without touching it! This talk is the story of how, in the absence of a lab the size of a star, we are attempting to make fusion into an energy source for the future.

Dr Kate Lancaster is an experimental physicist and science communicator. Her research expertise is in ultra-intense laser-plasma interactions and she is the Research Fellow for Innovation and Impact at the York Plasma Institute, part of the physics department at the University of York. Kate has been very active in the communication of science for around 15 years. She has spoken to tens of thousands of people at many events, festivals, and schools.

Tue 25 Apr


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Dr Kate Lancaster