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Cafe Scientifique: Oceans of Science: The Voyages of Captain James Cook (1728-1779)

Phil Philo
Until June 2017 Senior Curator of the Captain Cook Birthplace and Dorman Museums, Middlesbrough

On his second great voyage of discovery (1772-75) Cook famously wrote that he thought that he had gone "Farther than anyman...", and perhaps nowhere was that more true than in the realms of science. Exploration, navigation, charting, astronomy, mathematics, horology, health, hygiene and nutrition, natural sciences, botany, anthropology...the list of fields covered by the great man and the scientists aboard his ships just goes on and on. This fully illustrated talk will give a synopsis/overview of the voyages from a science point of view.
Phil Philo (b.1958) is from Leicestershire and studied history at Leicester University. He started his museum career in 1980 at Gunnersbury Park Museum, West London, moving to Kirkleatham Museum (1988-2002) before becoming Senior Curator of the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum (2002) and also, later (2010) the Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough. He finished work in museums in June 2017.

Tue 21 Nov


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