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Steelworks Theatre Company presents

Peacocks, Lobsters & Us

Should you have sex after the first date?
Is it a walk of shame or a stride of pride?
Should you make the first move?
Does the ‘the one’ exist?

Love goes under the microscope in this witty and charming take on the mating game. Explosive dance theatre that gives a quirky insight into one of the most controversial topics there is – love. We can’t promise to turn you into the next Lothario, but we might shed some light on your dating worries.  Romantic comedy for the tinder generation. In turn comic, tragic and full of heart. Are you a peacock or a lobster? Come and find out.

Steelworks Theatre Company was founded by award-winning playwright and Hull Truck favourite Gordon Steel, writer of Like a Virgin, Dead Fish, Studs and A Kick in the Baubles. Their inaugural production of Grow Up Grandad received standing ovations during its run at ARC and on its northern tour last year.

Peacocks, Lobsters and Us premieres at ARC before going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (C Venues. Venue 50. C Cubed. 3 -19  August. 19.55).

Created and directed by Rebecca Steel.

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