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  • Safe House - Preview

    Thu 23 Feb

    Safe House is the exposed gearbox of a political thriller, a thrilling new development from the maker of The Price of Everything, How to Occupy an Oil Rig and Going Viral

  • Partus

    Tue 28 Feb – Wed 1 Mar

    Birth. It’s a massive life or death thing that happens every minute of every day in every country of the world. Third Angel delves into the myths, the statistics and the politics of birth, engaging with real people and real stories. 

  • Canapé Art

    Sat 4 Mar

    Catch Levantes Dance Theatre as they pop up in Stockton town centre with their walkabout show, Canapé Art. These pocket-sized performances explore everyday life with a surprising and peculiar twist.

  • The Enormous Room

    Thu 9 Mar

    In The Enormous Room, the past is still present and memories collide with reality. Combining exquisite detail in movement with evocative text and design, the production takes the audience somewhere in between this world and the next.

  • The Best of Both Worlds: A Busker's Opera

    Wed 15 Mar

    Featuring pop songs, French street music classics and audience participation, this performance will resonate with anyone who has ever worried about money, or felt squeezed by our capitalist society.