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  • Meet Fred

    Wed 3 May

    Meet Fred, the two foot tall cloth puppet who just wants to be a regular guy: get a job, meet a girl, settle down. But when threatened with losing his PLA (Puppetry Living Allowance), Fred's life begins to spiral out of his control. 

  • Another England

    Thu 18 May

    If we scratch below the surface of mainstream media, what stories of optimism and hope can we find? A dark, lively piece starring Simon Startin and Philippa Cole.


  • Declaration

    Wed 24 May

    Instinctive, curious, bold and bouncy; Sarah is a mighty proud square peg, which wouldn’t be such a problem if the hole wasn’t so damn round. Declaration takes you on a curious, colourful and candid exploration of ADHD, Diagnosis and Mental Health.

  • Heads Up

    Thu 8 Jun

    Multi award-winner Kieran Hurley weaves a picture of a familiar city at its moment of destruction, asking what would we do if we found ourselves at the end of our world as we know it.

  • Declining Solo

    Thu 15 Jun

    A woman returns to visit her family home, and misses the one thing she values most: the father she remembers. Combining text with choreography, video and music, Declining Solo is the sequel to Two Destination Language’s award-winning Near Gone.