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Try it at ARC: Needle Felt Aviary

A flock, a flush, a gaggle, a murmuration, a mustering, an ostentation, a pack, a parliament and a bevy!  Here come the Birds!

In this workshop, you’ll be guided through the process of making your very own little bird!

In the past five years, needle felting has set Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy a blaze with the variety, scope and scale of what can be produced using needle felting.

During your time with Carol, the workshop leader, you’ll start from the basics and could soon be creating your very own feathered friend! 

This workshop is aimed at beginners, intermediates or experts and it’s roaring good fun!

It includes all materials, including a kit for you to create the rest of your aviary at home!

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Sat 20 May

10am - 1pm

Today's Price:
£15 (inc. materials)

Led by: 
Carol Lonsdale

Running time: