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  • Summer at ARC Vlog, voice and dance your way through Summer with a fun and unique programme of activity at ARC for young people of all ages this summer.
  • Silver Creative Arts


    Tutor Mary Lou Springstead will lead you through different creative techniques in this therapeutic session.

  • Mindfull of Music

    Thursdays (from 3 Apr)

    A singing session for those experiencing dementia and their carer's offering a friendly environment to sing and socialise in.

  • Down to Break

    Thursdays (from 3 Apr)

    A place where break dancers can come together, share techniques, skills and creativity.

  • Tai - Chi

    Thursdays (from 3 Apr)

    Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese Martial Art that can also be practised for its health benefits. The ARC class focuses on the health aspects of Tai Chi Chuan.

  • Silver Singers


    Join this informal singing group for the over 50s and improve you confidence, breathing and general health.