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Silver ARC-ulele

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Silver ARC-ulele is a fun and exciting band session for Ukulele enthusiasts who have their chords down! You will get the chance to learn and play new material with the rest of the group and socialise with fellow musicians.
Each week Chris will direct the group to learn and play new material. The session structure is as follows:
Tune up
Warm up
2 songs
Technique check
New song

This group is also often offered performance opportunities at ARC and further afield. The ARC-ulele groups have played many different events, including our annual evening with the Silvers; a wonderful event where all their hard work is enjoyed by a crowd.

ARC’s Silver Programme is supported by a Cultural Volunteers scheme which helps participants to attend and participate in over 50s activity.  For more information and to meet our current volunteers, please click here.

Looking for a lovely cuppa after your weekly session?

We have plenty of space at No 60 for you to pop your feet up and recharge those creative batteries over a cuppa after your ukulele session. Choose from a delicious selection of coffees and speciality teas, not to mention a truly delectable range of, cakes, scones and other snacks.

You can reserve a table by contacting the No 60 team via now.


"Being part of 'friendship groups’ is so important. As one gets older you increasingly value people contact and being part of an activity group such as the ARC-ulele band is a tremendous bonus!” David
“Nice social gathering, friendly atmosphere, you can learn at your own pace.” Desmond
“Brilliant class, I love it. Really missed it over Christmas as it’s a nice place to be social.” Sheila

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F: £3

Led by: 
Chris Groom

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