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ARC Productions

ARC works collaboratively with many artists and companies to produce work that is relevant to our audiences. For some artists, primarily theatre-makers who write and perform their own work, we act as ‘full’ producers, including fundraising, tour booking and management services.


Current ARC Productions include:

Daniel Bye - Error 404

Funny, engaging and unusual, Error 404 asks you to look again at everything you thought you knew.

Daniel Bye - Going Viral

Going Viral is a thrilling new development in Daniel Bye's unique blend of storytelling, playful comedy and performance lecture. 

Luca Rutherford - Learning How To Die

This is a show about death. It’s not a show about being sad. Or about grief. Or pity. This is a show about the actuality of dying and how an acceptance of mortality can drive a passion for life.

Vici Wreford-Sinnott – Butterfly

Beatrice, an unlikely heroine in a story of not-so-everyday survival, sits in isolation, waiting for the outcome of a forced mental health assessment. 


Past ARC Productions include:

Jack Bennett - Too Much, Too Young - 2015

Jack Bennett is an an actor and theatre maker. He has collaborated with several theatre theatre companies and venues including ARC. 

Kathryn Beaumont - I Told You This Would Happen - 2015

Kathryn Beaumont is an actress-for-hire and fledgling theatre maker. Having trained at University of Cambridge and prestigious arts centres, she has returned to the North East to put down artistic roots.