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No 60 Menu

Mon 12pm - 2.30pm
Tue - Sat 12pm - 7.30pm

(v) indicates a vegetarian dish
(v) indictaes a vegan dish
(gf) indicates a dish where a gluten free option is available


Deli Menu

Salads, Sandwiches, Paninis & Jackets

Freshly made sandwiches served on white or wholemeal bloomer or a white or brown soft roll £3

with chips salad and coleslaw £4.50

Toasted panini or toasted bloomer sandwich served with chips, salad and coleslaw £4.50

Jacket potato served with salad and coleslaw £4.50

Plated salad £5.25

Choose your filling

Chicken and chorizo

Egg mayonnaise and watercress (v)

Beetroot, carrott, cucumber and hummus with lime and mint dressing (v)

Cheddar cheese (v)

Cheddar cheese savoury (v)

Prawn mayonnaise

Bacon, lettuce and tomato

Tuna Mayonnaise

Roast ham salad

Roast chicken salad



All served in a toasted burger bun with salad, mayonnaise, onion rings and hand cut chips

Choose from

Beef burger £7

Lamb Burger £8

Cajun chicken burger (gf) £7

Vegan burger (v) £7

Spicy bean burger (v) £7

Burger toppings

Cheddar cheese (v) + £1
Wensleydale cheese (v) +£1
Blue cheese (v) +£1
Jalapenos (v) +£1
BBQ Bourbon sauce (v) +£1

Korean shredded vegetables (v) + £1.50

Bacon and blue cheese + £2
Bacon and egg + £2
Mediterrean roasted vegetables and olives (v) + £2


Hand cut chips (v) £2

Loaded chips (v) £3

Mixed olives and flatbread (V) £3

Sweet potato fries (v) £3

Frickels (v) £2

Crispy jalepnos (v) £2

House coleslaw (v) £2

House salad (v) £3

Soup of the day £3


No 60 Specials

Crispy halloumi served in a brioche bun (v) £5.25

Cod fish finger sandwich £5.25

Chicken tikka masala served in pilau rice (gf) £7

Shedhead beer-battered fish and chips £7

Pasta carbonara £5.25


Classic chicken parmo £7

Spicy parmo £7.50


Super food salad (gf) (v) £5.95

Caesar salad (gf) (v) £5.95

Add chicken to your salad for £2


Vegan & Vegetarian Menu

Sides & light dishes

Spicy carrott soup (gf) (v) £3

Mixed olives with flatbread (gf) (v) £3

Sweet potato fries (gf) (v) £2.50


Korean tempura vegetables on a bed of salad (gf) (v) £6

Aubergine & green bean tikka with pilau rice (gf) (v) £6

Onion bhajis with mixed bean spicy rice (gf) (v) £6

Crispy halloumi in a broche bun (gf) (v) £5.25

Superfood salad (v) £5.25

Caesar Salad (v) £5.25


Vegan burger (v) £7

Spicy bean burger (v) £7

Burger toppings

Cheddar cheese (v) + £1
Wensleydale cheese (v) + £1
Blue cheese (v) + £1
Jalapenos (v) + £1
BBQ bourbon sauce (v) + £1

Korean shredded vegetables (v) + £1.50

Mediterranean roasted vegetables & olives (v) + £2



All served with ice cream & sauce

Sticky toffee pudding (v) £5.50

Pancakes (v) £5.50

Waffles (v) £5.50

Sundaes (v) £5.50

Brownie (v) £5.50

Hot chocolate fudge cake (v) £5.50