Artwork by Fabric Lenny

Who can take part?

Our Work Experience Week is open for any young person aged 14-21 from the Tees Valley wanting to learn more about working at an arts centre. It takes place for one week annually in July.We select a group of 12 young people to take part with a range of interests including Technical, Marketing, Event Management, and Performance.

What will I get from taking part?

The aim of the week is to give young people experience of managing an event from start to finish by working with ARC staff to develop, promote, and deliver an event. Applicants will also be given the option to complete a Bronze Arts Award (Level 1 Award in the Arts).

We believe that gaining work experience is vital for young people in order to find out more about future job opportunities available after leaving education. The structure of the week offers students a rich learning experience in the variety of roles that exist within an arts organisation.

How does it work?

We ask the group of young people taking part to create an immersive film screening, advertised in advance but with the film selected by the group at the beginning of the week. The group are responsible for all aspects of event planning and delivery, guided through the processes by ARC staff from relevant departments.

Throughout the week the group record their experience via a physical/digital/recorded portfolio. They have the option to submit their portfolios and earn a Bronze Arts Award certificate (Level 1 Award in the Arts) which is moderated following the completion of the week.

The cost to enter Arts Award is £45 per person. Applicants interested in this opportunity should express this on their application form.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means we are unable to confirm full details at the moment. An application will be available from this page once details are confirmed.

Visit the Arts Award website to find our more.