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Duration: 1hr 30mins

Maria Oshodi is a writer, theatre director and disability arts consultant based in London.  Her work is experimental, intersectional, and pushes the artistic and aesthetic boundaries between experience, identity and place. She founded Britain’s leading performing arts company of visually impaired artists, Extant, and collaborates with other artists, freelancing on a number of independent arts projects.

Her current project called A Trail of 2 Cities has aimed to research and develop the urban experiences, connections and inspirations shared between two blind artists of colour: Maria from London and poet/actor Lynn Manning from LA.

It aims to consider:

• How two blind artists of colour , who lost their sight in their early twenties, respond to their very different urban spaces: London and LA,
• How they have plotted their personal journeys through their cities, examining the relationship between non-visual street awareness, ethnicity and gender
• How memory and descriptive language creates its own reality in two evolving urban landscapes.

During the week of 24 February Maria will be in residence, developing the piece in the studio space in ARC Stockton, to prepare it for a sharing in April.  She would like to share the story of the development of the piece with local artists, especially disabled artists and those of the global majority.  Please come to join her at the ARC studio from 4.30/6pm on Thursday 27 February to learn about her, and her work, and to share experience of your own practise as independent artists.

If you would like any further information about the session, please email ARC Producer Daniel Mitchelso at [email protected].