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Sat 11 Dec 2021

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Seating: Standing and Allocated Seating

It may seem strange to come out of hibernation during the winter but Amelia Coburn says she feels just like that.

Having spent the past few years studying and travelling and playing around the world it’s time for the BBC Young Folk Awards nominee to devote her time to what she does best and deliver on her promise. Evolving from her roots as a purely covers artists (but what covers! Life On Mars, Ghosts Town, Wuthering Heights) she is moving into the realms of a classic songwriter. Her evocative, poetic and beguiling original material seems to come from some mystical wellspring of cosmic music.

Much like her heroes Cole Porter, Paul McCartney and Kate Bush her songs sound like they have been around for eternity yet sound like nobody else. With subject matter ranging from mythical pirate captains, post-mortem revenge, sleep paralysis and other less-trodden paths she manages to weave stories into richly detailed pieces that are, at once, folk infused and familiar yet other-worldly. All delivered in her unique, expressive and often haunting voice and maturing with each song/performance, you really need to catch her live in this intimate setting before she ascends into the songwriter stratosphere.