Printmaker Jo Lovejoy has amassed her own collection of books, which she happily reads with a mug of tea… When she gets the chance of it!

She has developed a range of lino and drypoint prints which explore the aesthetics and narratives surrounding the world of ‘Books & Tea’.

Inspired by both the contents or these stories and the warm atmosphere a full bookcase can bring; Lovejoy is proud to share her artwork celebrating the narratives of many beloved stories.

Artist Biography

North East based artist Jo Lovejoy has always been fascinated by the industrial process involved in producing creative works. In spite of cultural discouragement from teachers and authority figures, Lovejoy has endeavoured to explore and experiment with a variety of artistic media.

As a self-taught artist, she battled into the world of creativity, equipped with the knowledge that ‘shy bairns get nowt’. Following her journey through Motherhood, Lovejoy has focused on printmaking, developing a range of work for exhibitions throughout the North East.

Jo Lovejoy can typically be found in her workshop with her husband, making her latest creative endeavour.

ARC Staff Pick: Hayley Pink | Marketing Assistant

“I can’t wait to see Books and Tea, one of our upcoming exhibitions. Books and Tea is a range of lino and drypoint prints by local printmaker Jo Lovejoy. The exhibition is inspired by the contents and comfort of books. As a lover of both books and tea, I can’t think of anything better.”