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A young trans woman from rural Bengal eschews social and cultural pressures at every stage of self-realisation. But as she finally comes to the city for a sex change operation, she faces extreme challenges and questions that corner her to make a choice between giving up her struggle or standing up for who she truly is.

In Bengali, with English subtitles.

Following the film there will be a recorded Q&A with the director and a pannel discussion with Curious Arts about the film.

Please Note: The film depicts trans struggles and harsh realities of how people have treated and perceived trans people. Includes references to violence, violent language, nudity and scenes of a sexual nature and self-harm.

ARC Staff Pick: Amandeep | Bigger Picture Programme Manager

“The first film I’m looking forward to, Miss Man, is the story of a young trans woman from rural Bengal and the challenges she faces during her transition. We’ve teamed up with Curious Arts to also show a panel discussion following the film, and a pre-recorded Q&A with the film’s director.”