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Silver Ballet Pilates

Silver Ballet Pilates gives you the chance to learn and explore a wonderful mix of basic ballet moves and pilates techniques to stretch, tone and mobilise your body. The session will help you improve balance, flexibility, posture and fluidity of movement. As of Autumn 2018 new routines have been added to the classes, to keep things fresh for new and experienced participants!

The class is led by highly qualified ballet and pilates teacher Sarah Hearn. Sarah has extensive dance experience, alongside seven years of experience teaching ballet and pilates. Sarah conducts classes in a friendly and inclusive manner so all can participate and enjoy. 
If you are over 50 and looking for a refreshing mind-body workout, Silver Ballet Pilates is the place to go. Ballet pilates is a low-impact form of exercise, so you should feel able to enjoy the class regardless of your level of fitness. 

Please make sure you wear something comfortable and that you can move freely in.

ARC’s Silver Programme is supported by a Cultural Volunteers scheme which helps participants to attend and participate in over 50s activity.  For more information and to meet our current volunteers, please click here.


“I had a car accident, and I found that this class has helped strengthen my leg, I have no more pain and my bones feel better.”
“I just walk in, do what I have to do and laugh. The laughter is such good therapy. Sarah’s class is lovely.”

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Tues 7 Jan - Tues 31 Mar

11.30 - 12.30pm

Today's Price:
£3 + £0.10 booking fee

Led by: 
Sarah Hearn

Running time: