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  • The Curious Parcel The Curious Parcel is a new subscription box that brings a little bit of theatre magic to your living room. Each box contains a surprise, mini-DIY experience; created by one of the UK’s best contemporary theatre makers and designed to be enjoyed at home.
  • Cafe Scientifique: A Nation That Rebuilds Its Soils Rebuilds Itself

    Tue 19 Feb

    One third of greenhouse emissions come from depleting organic matter from the soil via wind and water erosion. Karen will look at ways we can rebuild our soils by using wastes as resources and the opportunities this might provide for community regeneration. 

  • Ale & Arty Beer Festival 2019

    Thu 28 Feb - Sat 2 Mar

    Ale & Arty Beer Festival is back for 2019!

  • Pre-Show Dinner - Mark Thomas

    Tue 12 Mar

    Your two course pre-show meal for just £10. With one of our pre-show dinner packages you can make the most of your night out with a delicious meal from our conveniently situated No 60 café bar.

  • Mark Thomas - Check Up: Our NHS at 70

    Tue 12 Mar

    Mark Thomas uses his own demise to explore what's going wrong in our NHS, how it can go right and what the future might hold for all of us.

  • Cafe Scientifique - Seeing our Cities

    Tue 19 Mar

    The Terascope, a virtual telescope pointing towards earth, uses huge amounts of environmental data and cloud computers to construct terapixel images of our cities.