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Age: 16+

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What is The Smog? Good question. About 3 years ago I drew a picture of a man falling from the top of The Swallow Hotel in Stockton High Street.I gave him a name – Charlie Smog.I gave him a job – Doyle Hunter.Then I watched him fall.

The Smog has been living inside me for some time now, clawing at my dark, grey matter and invading every creative nook and cranny with pictures, plot-lines and its infinite possibilities… slowly wrapping its black-green tendrils around my every waking moment. I need to exorcise this demon immediately, as at the time of writing I am half man, half smog…

This isn’t a traditional piece of theatre; it’s organised chaos.

It relies on lo-fi special effects, handmade puppets, and me on stage with a wild look in my eye, careering towards a dramatically uncertain finale.

This rough and ready, sci-fi noir is a futuristic fairy tale that draws inspiration from Bladerunner, Mighty Boosh and Twin Peaks, so expect an absurd, free-wheeling narrative, mind-bogglingly simplistic science fiction, and an elderly cocker spaniel called Janet.

I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve created and I can’t wait to share it with you for a one off performance at ARC, Stockton.

Dare you look inside the Smog?

“Teesside Surreal is A Thing. Scott Turnbull is its king” (Kirsten Luckins – North East Artist Development Review)

Please note: If you haven’t joined us for a ‘Pay What You Decide’ event before, this means that tickets can be booked in advance as usual, but there is no obligation to pay until after you have watched. While we’re very grateful for general donations made to ARC at the time of booking, please be aware that only payments made as part of the Pay What You Decide process at the end of the performance can be counted as part of your Pay What You Decide payment. Details of how you can make your payment will be emailed to you after the show and will also be made available via our social media channels.

Access to the performance is via our dedicated online streaming service. Click here to log in with your usual ARC account details (if you’ve forgotten your log in details, the email address will be the one that normally receives emails from us, and your password can easily be reset from the log in page).

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