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  • Heads Up

    Thu 8 Jun

    Multi award-winner Kieran Hurley weaves a picture of a familiar city at its moment of destruction, asking what would we do if we found ourselves at the end of our world as we know it.

  • Declining Solo

    Thu 15 Jun

    Declining Solo is about the relationship between a father and daughter, between a person and their culture. It’s about migration and home and what it means to belong in a place. It's about who we are.

  • Recreation

    Thu 22 Jun

    Highly visual, unabashedly experimental and underscored by generous humour, Recreation is a choreography about the things we do that aren't work. It's about caring, cooking, sex, gardening, meditating, singing in the kitchen and playing 5-a-side, and, of course, dancing.

  • Marco (Preview)

    Fri 23 Jun

    In 1998, while Marco Pantani was winning the Tour de France, Simon was racing his brother on second-hand bikes. Six years later, Marco committed suicide after being caught cheating. Simon tells the epic story of his hero, in a preview of an explosively physical solo show about what it means to succeed.

  • Never-Never Land

    Wed 28 Jun

    It is just after the election in Never-Never Land and the peasants grow restless whilst the leaders drink champagne on expenses...sound like ground hog day? It is. Pauline Heath has created a rich fairytale, a complete fantasy of horrors, delivered as stand-up theatre.