‘This is Going to Hurt’ is an exhibition by Abigail Hobson-Pratt which explores the long-term effects of having disordered eating.

“I use embroidery to express the internal factors such as thoughts, feelings and compulsions as well as external factors from society and others which have a lasting effect on those with eating disorders. Covid-19 has been reported to increase eating disorder risk and potential relapse.  This is due to many reasons, such as loss of daily routines and constraints on outdoor activities, as well as decreased protective factors such as social support and reluctance to seek medical support.

The embroidery collection aims to urge those who notice symptoms, to seek early intervention. Early intervention can prevent symptoms worsening and increase chances of full recovery and, furthermore, Charities such as ‘Beat’ (Beat eating disorders) have many helpful resources online including support groups and a helpline for those struggling or wanting more information.”

Beat | The UK’s Eating Disorder Charity