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ARCADE Platform

ARCADE Platform provides an opportunity for artists to test new work and ideas in front of an audience of peers and venue programmers. This event will consist of eight pieces of work in progress performance split across three sessions.

ARCADE Platform offers an exciting opportunity to not only see work at an early stage but to influence it, with the chance to feedback on the work and chat to the artists and companies after the performances. 

The event will also include the opportunity to see the full performance of Paula Varjack’s Show Me The Money, a show investigating how artists manage to support their creative dreams. 

Session start times are:

12pm: Work in Progress Group A

1.45pm: Show Me the Money & Post Show Discussion

3.30pm: Work in Progress Group B

5pm: Work in Progress Group C

Pieces confirmed to be taking part in the ARCADE Platform include:

The Untitled Political Project, by Luca Rutherford

Luca knows how to talk her way into making you think she knows about politics. Luca doesn’t actually know very much about politics. Luca knows she is confused and overwhelmed. Part of Luca thinks that smiling at people in the street changes the world. The rest of Luca thinks that’s a rubbish excuse to do nothing of any significance.

Go Away Johnny, by Peter Groom

If the moments of quiet in our lives were elongated over a longer time, what would happen? This dance piece explores the memories that come back to us in these moments, returning not fully formed but half remembered; half remembered encounters, conversations, touches.

Quarter Life Crisis, by Yolanda Mercy

Alicia is a hot mess. She doesn't know what she's doing with her life. Swiping left, swiping right to find the perfect match. Even though she's a Londoner born and bred, the scent of Lagos peppers her existence in the ends. Everyone around her seems to know where they're going in life, but she's just trying to find ways to cheat growing up and keep her 16-25 railcard. What does it mean to be an adult and when do you become one? Quarter Life Crisis mixes addictive basslines, spoken word and audience interaction.

24 Hour Party Sheeple, by Fat Roland

Where did all the ravers go? Are landfill sites full of glow-sticks and white gloves? Why is Fat Roland popping fruit pastilles until the break of dawn?

Stand-up storyteller and litterbug cartoonist Fat Roland won national spoken word awards for the open mic night Bad Language. His latest work-in-progress explores the club culture that gave him the bug to show off in front of you, the victi-er, the audience.

Man on the Moon, by Keisha Thompson

Man on the Moon is a bruck-down journey through space and time fuelled by love, fear and Afro-futurism.

With the use of poetry, looped sounds and story-telling, this piece explores the impact that mental health can have on the family dynamic, particularly within the context of the Black British experience. 

Keisha communicates with her reclusive dad through books, letters and symbols. But when the letters stop coming she is forced to venture into his world. This truth-infused narrative sees the protagonist follow a trail of breadcrumbs that lead her to a number of check points: cultural displacement, religious confusion, political paranoia, misplaced masculinity and more.

Full artist line-up to be confirmed.

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