Can you support our mission with a donation?

It’s part of our mission as a local charity to enhance the wellbeing of our community through access to arts and creative activity. Rising costs are making it harder for many people in our community to afford the things they used to. But with the support of donors like you, we can continue to provide high-quality experiences for more affordable prices than we otherwise could.

Your donation will help us cover the costs of running ARC, our building and the activities we provide for older people, children and young people, and disabled people – as well as many others. We work with some of the most disadvantaged people in our local communities, supporting them to stay active, creative and socially connected.

Your donation will help us keep ticket prices accessible for everyone in our community, create fun and memorable experiences for families and young people, keep the hire cost of our spaces accessible for community groups, and keep live theatre accessible.

You will help us continue to deliver arts and creative activity to local people, now and in the future when you give to ARC, however much or little this might be.

Please donate today.

Donate today

You can contribute any amount you want to support our work. Every donation helps.