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ARCADE Platform

ARCADE Platform provides an opportunity for artists to test new work and ideas in front of an audience of peers and venue programmers. This event will consist of seven pieces of work in progress performance split across three sessions.

ARCADE Platform offers an exciting opportunity to not only see work at an early stage but to influence it, with the chance to feedback on the work and chat to the artists and companies after the performances. 

Artists presenting work at the ARCADE Platform include:

Holly Gallagher

Tensile Strength or How to Survive at Your Wit's End will be a performance about Stress. And figuring out why so many of us feel it to an unhealthy degree. It's about fear, pressure, uncertainty. It's about sadness and mental health and how we help ourselves. It's about feeling like things are all A Bit Too Much and then the cat goes missing.

This is a show about the world we live in now, and will prove essential viewing in a society that just can't seem to relax anymore.

Lizzie Klotz

Fawn is an exploration into the concept of pleasing, specifically as an instinctive response to fear, threat and failure. Why do we seek to please? Is it to be kind? To love? And for who? As a solo work, Fawn draws parallels between the relationship of pleasing another, pleasing an audience and pleasing oneself.


FFS!! is a totally refreshing take on environmental awareness. Hirsute and hilarious drag lady Timberlina channels rock ‘n’ roll, blues and joyous eco-woe to say it’s okay to be angry and frustrated and ultimately helpless. In otherwise relentlessly dark times, Timberlina brings empathy, compassion and - guess what? A little bit of optimism!

FFS!! is the first chapter in Timberlina's bold new mission to address the needs of what she calls 'Generation Vexed'. She wants to discuss environmental issues in ways that meet the realities, hopes, fears and sense of humour of people who don't fit the environmentalist mould.

Alan Clay

Alan has packed a lot into his 41 years; not least a 15-year career as an artist, touring nationally and internationally; but he knows what it’s like to be put down, cast aside and written off.

Alan, aka Alan ‘Cool’ Clay, delivers a defiant and bold performance about what it’s like to be treated like trash and how you find your way out of the junk, in his debut solo show Skip Rap, an angry love song to grit, endurance and creativity. Hitting the note between Alan’s difficult background and his exceptional success, Skip Rap explores how these experiences clash and merge and continue to shape his art, his views and his life.

Rinkoo Barpaga

Rinkoo was born in Birmingham, and has since lived in Derby, Newcastle, and London. He feels like people like to put lots of different labels on him, such as ‘Deaf’, ‘British’, ‘foreign’, or even ‘joker’.

He is motivated to reveal injustice using humour, and in his award winning documentary film work Double Discrimination, he revealed Urban Sign Language, to show a sub-culture rarely acknowledged by the mainstream white Deaf community. Rinkoo is now developing Bubble & Butch, mixing film and theatre, which will show why it’s important to start including Urban Sign Language on the British stage.

Sophie Woolley

Writer and performer Sophie Woolley presents a work in progress excerpt of her one person show Augmented, an emotionally powerful and funny piece about the emotional duality of becoming a ‘deaf cyborg’. Travelling through time, Sophie shows how her deaf and hearing identities collide during and after her transformation.

Augmented is based on Sophie’s personal experience of going profoundly deaf and regaining her hearing having a cochlear implant.

Andrea Scrimshaw

The 12th Man is a part-autobiographical, part-verbatim commentary on the idea of women at the match. A feminist portrayal of a ‘working-class male’ domain. An opportunity for women’s voices to be plucked from the crowd. Expect a singing, scarf-waving, pie-eating mix of ‘the beautiful game’ and the issues faced by female football fans.

Andrea is a live artist/theatre-maker based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Underpinned by theoretical study, her work often incorporates the themes of gender roles and autobiography to comment on wider societal issues.

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