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    Fri 27 Apr - Sat 5 May

    Journeyman tells the story of middleweight boxing champion Matty Burton (Considine). After winning a punishing title defence on points, Matty collapses at home.

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    120 BPM

    120 battements par minute

    Sat 28 Apr - Tue 1 May

    Robin Campillo's Cannes Grand Prix winning ensemble drama.
    In the early 90s, with AIDS having already claimed countless lives for nearly a decade, activist group ACT UP takes their actions to another level in order to fight general indifference.

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    Ghost Stories

    Fri 4 May - Thu 10 May

    Phillip Goodman, professor of psychology and arch-skeptic has his rationality tested to the hilt when he receives a letter apparently from beyond the grave. As Goodman investigates, he meets three haunted people, each with a tale more frightening, uncanny and inexplicable than the last.

  • PG

    Isle of Dogs

    Fri 4 May - Wed 9 May

    Isle of Dogs tells the story of Atari. When, by Executive Decree, all the canine pets of Megasaki City are exiled to a vast garbage-dump called Trash Island, Atari sets off in a miniature Junior-Turbo Prop and flies across the river in search of his bodyguard-dog, Spots.

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    Sat 5 May - Wed 9 May

    Ben and Rose are children from two different eras who secretly wish that their lives were different. Ben longs for the father he's never known, while Rose dreams of a mysterious actress whose life she chronicles in a scrapbook.