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  • Exploring Poetry Workshop And Poetry Reading - With Anna Woodford And Ruby Robinson

    Wed 21 Jun

    Read and discuss contemporary poetry in a friendly environment. Whether you already enjoy reading poetry or you haven’t picked up a collection since school, this workshop with Anna Woodford is open to all.

    This event will take place at Norton Library.

  • History Wardrobe presents - Bad Girls & Bonnets

    Thu 22 Jun

    Jane Austen’s guide to being brazen. A bold, brash and beautiful celebration of Austen’s wicked women, and a truly revelatory look at clothes and crime in the 18th century.

    This event will take place at Hartlepool Central Library.

  • Just Soph

    Sat 24 Jun

    With original live music, puppetry and a host of curious characters, join storyteller Soph for a special journey.

    This event will take place at Crown Street Library, Darlington and Middlesbrough Central Library.




  • Massacre In The German Forest AD9: Rome's Greatest Defeat?

    Sat 24 Jun

    In AD9, three Roman legions were wiped out in a masterful ambush by German tribesmen. The defeat sent shockwaves through the empire, while the few survivors had to live with the shame of losing their legion’s iconic eagles.