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This is a ARC Stockton Homemakers commission, in partnership with HOME, Manchester.


Vici Wreford-Sinnott is a disabled writer, theatre director, activist and feminist. Siege gives space for disabled performance makers to talk about transgressive women – women who break boundaries, defy definitions and explode stereotypes in their work. Vici’s Homemakers commission will present work in two stages. The first is a nitty-gritty punch-packed roundtable discussion by six amazing disabled performance makers. The second will be a short, filmed monologue piece exploring what it means to be disabled and ‘looked at’.

It’s from a longer term piece of work called Siege, and centres on the character of Mim (rhymes with quim). Mim, performed by the brilliant Phillipa Cole, is a funny, edgy radical, living a subversive lifestyle right slap bang in the middle of the radar, with a shame-free approach to the disabled female body. But is it really as easy as that?

Performance details for this piece are still TBC - please check back later for more details.

You can find out more about the Homemakers project here

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