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Mother's Ruin presents

Mother's Bloomers

Trailblazing queer performance platform Mother's Ruin returns to ARC with its acclaimed Mother's Bloomers, a space for local, alternative and innovative artists to present new, adventurous and bold short works.

‘The best in exploratory queer performance.' **** The Public Reviews.


Jonluke McKie

Jonluke is a singer-songwriter and theatre maker. His music is introspective, soulful and personal, exploring themes of family, relationships and identity.

Listen here.

Holly Gallagher

Tensile Strength or How to Survive at Your Wit's End (working title) is a performance about Stress. And figuring out why so many of us feel it to an unhealthy degree. It's about fear, pressure, uncertainty. It's about sadness and mental health and how we help ourselves. It's about feeling like things are all A Bit Too Much and then the cat goes missing.

This is a show about the world we live in now, and will prove essential viewing in a society that just can't seem to relax anymore.

Follow Holly on Twitter: @hollyrachael_

Beth O’Doherty

Beth is a Northumbria Drama and Applied theatre graduate from Jarrow. She has performed with the People's Theatre and Astravaganza Entertainment and gigs as a jazz singer but this is her first solo outing of devised work. Through her work she wants to explore and celebrate what we have in common as people (yes, that means there will be interaction). She aims to create work that navigates our unstable society but ends up being feel-good.

Follow Beth on Twitter: @iAMbod and Instagram: @beeodee

Virginia Kennard

Virginia is a live artist and movement practitioner from Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. Having recently completed her MA Performance at Leeds Beckett University, she is now ready to have a banter about her feelings on marriage, and to go home for Christmas in the sun.

what's your bride price
live artist and anti-marriage equality queer Virginia Kennard wants to know about your ideal wedding. or to tell you about hers...she's not really sure. But it involves cake and sexism and blood and veils and ridiculous sparkly red shoes.
#RedShoesNoKnickers #notyourgoodqueer

Catherine Hume

Catherine is a social carer, a writer and a liver of a life less ordinary.

Jamie Tansley

Jamie is a theatre-maker, dramaturg, director in training and aspiring drag artist. They are part of theatre ensemble Camisado Club whose work is in equal parts outrageous, outlandish and uplifting. When riding solo, Jamie likes to make work that is gender-bent, unapologetically camp, heartfelt and unashamed. Currently working on a cabaret show Straight Eye exploring non-binary identities and navigating tricky gender jargon.

Follow Jamie on Twitter: @dandysocpic and Instagram: @dandysocpic

Visit Camisado Club's website: and follow them on Twitter: @camisadoclub

Bonnie and The Bonnettes

present Our Mums Are Beautiful

She is driving through the moors with her window down. There is no-one for miles. The sun sits in her belly and comes out in the way that she laughs and through the radio, through the wind to the back seat, you hear it… Meat Loaf.

Our mums taught us everything; how to tie our shoelaces, get over heartbreak, apply for a loan. So can they teach us how to fix the world we live in? They gave us life; now we give them the spotlight. A celebration of strength, love, and unconditional courage.

Bonnie and The Bonnettes are a theatre company based in the North East. Their work combines multiple genres and mediums. They like it when audiences laugh. They like it when they think. They like it when they do both as the same time. Their work is loud, fun, and unapologetic. They are currently touring their debut show Drag Me to Love.

Visit their website:, follow them on Twitter: @BonnieBonnettes and like them on Facebook: @BonnieBonnettes


Supported by The Arts Council, England and Contact.

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Thu 16 Nov


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