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Arctic Piranha: GOLD

We are going for gold and re-celebrating New Year’s Eve with a fantastic gold themed party!


Beatrice, an unlikely heroine, sits in isolation, waiting for the outcome of a forced mental health assessment. 

The Enormous Room

Combining exquisite detail in movement with evocative text and design, the production takes the audience somewhere in between this world and the next.

Arctic Piranha Club Night: Space

For Arctic Piranha: Space, we are going full sci-fi at a party that is out of this world!

Out of the Shadows

A journey into the woods, down the tracks and up in the air, allows Full Circle to explore who is in the shadows and what secret worlds are bubbling just below the surface.

Another England

If we scratch below the surface of mainstream media, what stories of optimism and hope can we find?

Never-Never Land

It is just after the election in Never-Never Land and the peasants grow restless whilst the leaders drink champagne on expenses...sound like ground hog day? It is.