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Luca Rutherford

Luca Rutherford (In her own words): "I am a writer and performer based in Newcastle and have been an Associate Artist of ARC Stockton since 2014. Learning How to Die is my first solo show, touring January to May 2016. I believe in making art accessible and theatre that is non-exclusive in form and content. I am excited by cross media collaboration. I have written for classical pianist Yoshie Kawamura, making On The Edge of Piano Poetry for Books on Tyne Festival at The Lit & Phil (November 2014). I started making theatre through North14 professional development scheme at Northern Stage with Camisado Club, the associate company of Northern Stage.

"I was an active member of National Youth Theatre for seven years. I studied English Literature at Manchester University, and during this time was part of the fringe theatre scene. I speak Spanish, lived in Barcelona and am interested in international work and collaboration.

"I approached ARC with an idea for a show. I had very little experience, had never made a solo show before and had never written anything of my own and seen it through to completion. ARC supported me because they liked my idea not because I had the right training or a fancy name behind me. To me, ARC is a venue truly invested in people. ARC makes things happen by supporting artists and the public to engage with their surroundings by interrogating their intention and ensuring that what happens is relevant. Relevance is accessible. For me, ARC supports work and artists that want to make art that has a reason, without making the process exclusive."

Current work

Learning How to Die
This is a show about death. It’s not a show about being sad. Or about grief. Or pity. This is a show about the actuality of dying and how an acceptance of mortality can drive a passion for life.
Learning How to Die asks what scares us about dying, and how can we use that fear to drive our living actions. Can we stop being scared of talking about dying? Can we find new ways to talk about death now, not just when we are faced with it, or have to deal with someone else’s? It won’t make it any less painful but it might just make things easier.
Join Luca in Learning How to Die and it might just change the way you live. She's not afraid of talking about dying. And she hopes by the end of it you won’t be either.

2016 Tour:

Oxford Playhouse, Oxford - 14 & 15 Jan
The Customs House, South Shields - 21 Jan
Hull Truck Theatre, Hull - 27 Jan
The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter - 1 - 4 Feb
Northern Stage, Newcastle - 9 & 10 Feb
Theatre by the Lake, Keswick - 23 Feb 
Derby Theatre, Derby - 22 Apr
Camden People’s Theatre, London - 3 - 5 May
Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, Halifax - 12 May 

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