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  • Craft Beer Collective

    Fri 30 Aug - Sat 31 Aug

    The Lumpy Pumpkin, Top of the Hops and The Ale Team have come together to create Craft Beer Collective, Teesside's latest beer festival.

  • Pizza & Pitches

    Wed 9 Oct

    Have you ever wanted a say in what’s on at ARC? Here’s your chance! We want your opinion to help shape the work on and off our stage!

  • Full Swing Dance: Limited Edition

    Sat 26 Oct

    Full Swing Dance presents their 7th annual showcase

  • How Many Electric Sheep Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

    Fri 8 Nov

    When Total Reality becomes too much, take a step outside of it and prepare to be whacked around the face with an electric sheep. Scott Turnbull explores what it means to be human in Teesside 2049 with felt tip pens and an old overhead projector.

  • An audience with screen legend Joanna Cassidy

    Fri 8 Nov

    Teesside Cyberpunk Convention are proud to present this special ‘In Conversation’, between Joanna Cassidy, Zhora in Blade Runner, and the acclaimed American writer Paul M. Sammon, author of Future Noir, regarded as the definitive Blade Runner book.