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  • Try it at ARC: Paper Cutting Workshop with Rich Little Things

    Thu 5 May

    Participants will have the opportunity to work on pieces specifically designed for this session. They will be provided with a kit with everything they need to start cutting designs in paper.

  • Try it at ARC: Swing Dance For Beginners

    Sat 7 May

    Transport yourself back to the swinging world of the 1940s in this session by learning some of the basics that this dance sensation took the era by storm. By the end of this workshop we hope to have given you a few moves that will enable you to be confident enough to step out on to the social dance floor.

  • Mexican Night at No 60

    Tue 10 May

    Our first themed Mexican themed food night will offer a tasting menu which includes a selection of filled burritos, classic chicken mole, nachos and freshly made guacamole along with a selection of sweet empanadas!

  • Try it at ARC: Paper Flower Making Workshop

    Wed 11 May

    Learn how to make your very own paper rose. Tell your own story with each rose by choosing the paper that best describes you. From old maps to books and even comics make yours say something about yourself. 

  • Keep on Dancing

    Sat 14 May

    Starlight Academy is proud to present their annual show Keep on Dancing.